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Rushes Of Time

Images: courtesy of Asian Film Archive

Liyana Ali (SG), Rajendra Gour (SG), Tada Hengsapkul (TH), Koh Nguang How (SG), Sonya Lacey (NZ), Russell Morton (SG), Patricia Toh (SG),  Toh Hun Ping (SG), Nguyen Trinh Thi (VN) and Sriwhana Spong (NZ/UK)

rushes [plural noun]:
a sudden flow, an intense feeling
raw footage from a period of filming

Rushes of Time is the fifth iteration of Asian Film Archive’s annual film and art event, State Of Motion. Spread across two locations - ‘The Archive’ and ‘The Warehouse’, this year’s theme reflects on the relations between ideas of time, bodies of memory and the moving image through site-specific installations, live performances and film screenings. While archives are built to order and preserve our sense of time, how do artists and filmmakers make a “new” sense of time out of past materials? In exploring the tension between the archival and the contemporaneous, Rushes of Time looks into ways in which artists and filmmakers act as living mediums to gather and animate personal and collective histories.

Curated by Cheong Kah Kit, Selene Yap and Guo-Liang Tan.