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Strange Forms Of Life

Images: courtesy of STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery

Genevieve Chua
Han Sai Por
Jane Lee
Kim Lim
Zul Mahmod
Sherman Sam
Jeremy Sharma
Guo-Liang Tan
Suzann Victor
Ian Woo

We must never think of forms, in their different states, as simply suspended in some remote, abstract zone, above the earth and above [humankind]. They mingle with life, whence they come; they translate into space certain movements of the mind. - Henri Focillon, “The Life of Forms”

Strange Forms of Life is an exhibition that stages a series of conversations in and between forms.  It consists of a selection of artworks by ten artists in or from Singapore that engage directly and indirectly with abstraction as a mode of thinking and making. Central to this gathering is the idea of ‘liveliness’ as observed in its many forms – be it in nature, technology, our interior life, or affective time. Strange Forms of Life is an exercise in close looking, an attempt to study the interconnectedness of forms in relation to other lived realities. In so doing, it invites us to consider how we might befriend the strange space of abstraction and how it could in turn offer us proposals for (living with) different forms of being.

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