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We Who Saw Signs

Images: courtesy of Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore

Adad Hannah (Canada)
Grieve Perspective (United Kingdom/Singapore)
Ho Tze Nyen (Singapore)
Institute of Critical Zoologists (Singapore)
Nipan Oranniwesna (Thailand)
Ola Vasiljeva (Netherlands)
Tan Wee Lit (Singapore)
Yoca Muta (Japan)

Part mausoleum, part shrine, part theatre, the exhibition, We Who Saw Signs features works that point towards the duplicity of history and mythology, of art and artifice. Central to the exhibition is the role of artist as both seer and revelator. In manipulating signs into visions, the participating artists demonstrate how contemporary art mixes polarities and creates doubleness as a means of destabilising and shifting our gaze towards the liminal where ambiguity and hiddenness may possibly be uncovered. We Who Saw Signs proposes the possibility of transversing the boundaries of signification and experience, of the real and the imagined amidst ambiguity and humour. It is an invitation to question authenticity and a declaration to favour uncertainty over coherence, fiction over truth.